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6 Best National Parks in the Western Region of India

6 Best National Parks in the Western Region of India

The Western India is a treasure trove of natural beauty and biodiversity, boasting some of India's most incredible national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. From vibrant wildlife to stunning landscapes, here are the "6 best national parks in the Western Region of India", each offering a unique blend of nature and adventure. Let's start the post starting from the 6th best national park in West India to No. 1 best national park in the Western Region of India:


6. Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Maharashtra

Nestled in the outskirt of Mumbai, Sanjay Gandhi National Park is an escape into the nature, wildlife and history. With around 104 square kilometre of area, this national park is a haven for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. Inside the lush green forest, you get a chance to watch elusive Leopards and other species of mammals, and a variety of birds.


Other than the flora and fauna, the main highlight of Sanjay Gandhi National Park is the historic Kanheri Caves, an ancient Buddhist rock-cut monument complex, showcasing centuries-old architecture  and art. The park offers a peaceful retreat, inviting visitors to explore its dense woodlands, picturesque lakes, and serene ambiance, all within reach of India's bustling financial capital.


5. Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, Goa

You must have heard about the beautiful and serene beaches of Goa, and it's porchugal lifestyle but wait did you know that there is a wildlife sanctuary near Goa, which is a tropical paradise that invites travelers to explore its lush Jungles and thriving biodiversity, if you have any knowledge about it, let me tell you it's "Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary".


Spread across around 240 square kilometers, this sanctuary is a haven for nature enthusiasts. Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, is known for its dense tropical forests, where you can spot elusive creatures like black panthers and leopards, alongside a rich variety of bird species.


The pristine ambience of this sanctuary provides a perfect backdrop of trekking and wildlife adventures. Here, you can wander through the lush-green wilderness, and you might glimpse some of the magnificent animals like Black Panther or Leopards, while being surrounded by the symphony of Goa's untouched nature. So, if you are planning to visit Goa, do add a visit to this sanctuary in your travel itinerary, it's a hidden gem for those seeking tranquillity and a deeper connection with the natural world.


4. Blackbuck National Park, Velavadar, Gujarat

Blackbuck National Park in Velavadar, Gujarat, got the 4th postion in our list of top national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in the Western Region of India, and there is a reason for it. This park spans over 34 sq/km, and it's primary focus is on the conservation of the graceful blackbuck antelope. The National Park is renowned for its picturesque golden grasslands, which provide a striking backdrop to the thriving blackbuck population.


Apart from the blackbucks, Velavadar shelters a variety of other wildlife, including wolves, foxes, jackals, and a rich diversity of bird species. The park's landscape offers a captivating blend of grassy plains and wetlands, making it a haven for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts. The park's serene ambiance and remarkable biodiversity make it a must-visit destination for those seeking to witness the beauty of Gujarat's wildlife.


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3. The Rann of Kutch Wildlife Sanctuary, Gujarat

The Rann of Kutch Wildlife Sanctuary, also known as the Wild Ass Sanctuary, is one of the most iconic travel destinations in India, located in the Rann of Kutch, Gujarat. This wildlife sanctuary is a surreal and unique natural wonder, and renowned for its seasonal transformation, that comes to life during the monsoon, as the arid salt marshes transform into a bustling wildlife spectacle. It becomes a temporary haven for thousands of migratory birds, including the graceful flamingos. However, the sanctuary's most iconic resident is the rare Indian wild ass, which finds shelter in this distinctive landscape.


The stark beauty of the salt flats, the vibrant avian gatherings, and the presence of this unique equine species make the sanctuary a captivating destination for nature lovers and photographers alike.


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2. Tadoba Andhari National Park, Maharashtra

The 2nd National Park in this list is one of the most famous Tiger Reserves in India, "Tadoba Andhari National Park and Tiger Reserve". Located in the Indian state of Maharashtra, Tadoba Andhari National Park, is a sanctuary of untamed beauty and biodiversity. Spread across 1,727 square kilometres, it's renowned for its vibrant tiger population, offering one of the best chances to witness these majestic big cats in their natural habitat. Apart from tigers, the reserve is a haven for leopards, sloth bears, wild dogs, and a rich variety of birdlife.


The Landscape of Tadoba Andhari National Park, comprises lust forests, serene lakes, and meandering rivers, providing an exclusive atmosphere for safaris. Tadoba promises thrilling wildlife encounters and a deep immersion into the wilderness, making it a top destination for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers.


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1. Gir National Park, Gujarat

In our list of top 6 National Parks in the Western Region of India, the number 1 is one of the most iconic wildlife destinations in India - "the Gir Forest National Park". Located in the vibrant state of Gujarat, Gir National Park is the only home to the Endangered Asiatic Lions in the World.


Spread over nearly 1,400 square kilometres of undulating terrain, Gir Forest is a diverse ecosystem teeming with wildlife. Apart from the critically endangered Asiatic lions, visitors can encounter leopards, Indian crocodiles, sloth bears, and numerous bird species.


The landscape of Gir Forest National Park features a captivating blend of deciduous forests, grasslands, and rocky hills, providing an ideal habitat for these magnificent creatures. Gir National Park offers thrilling wildlife safaris for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers, to witness these incredible animals in their natural habitat while soaking in the serene and rugged beauty of the Gujarat wilderness.


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Please note: The West India comprises of the states of Goa, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and the Union Territories of Daman and Diu, and Dadar and Nagar Haveli. So, we have written this blog according to those states only. Information Source: Maps of India. The blog post and National Park sequencing is purely based on our own experiences, no government body has declared which park to be ranked No. 1 or vice versa.

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